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Modularity 4.0

Unique pieces

How it works

  • Create the furniture - without tools

  • Configure the surface with accessories

  • Rebuild and optimize within seconds

  • Always adapt to changing taste and function requirements

NEW - The MBK12 configurator

Here you can put together your desired object yourself. By the way, from this year on, we are converting all base elements, boxes and trays from MDF to solid wood, beeing it in its natural appearance or painted in color. That means also the painted elements in the configurator are made of solid wood.

In this way, we are consistently further upgrading MBK12 and creating everlasting values for the home, business or office.



basic module in two colors


possible surfaces for a tower chest with nine colored painted boxes


customizable colors


different processes to produce a base module


different standard boxes and trays


standard colors


Minutes to convert a piece of furniture at home into another


basic module in three colors


our most important number, everything revolves around

Verstehen in 2 Minuten


1. Compose furniture

Tool-free one or more cubes on a metal or solid wood frame or on top of each other, that’s all.Hang the cube on the wall, it will not be damaged, a special wall adapter will take care of that.Install or remove the doors or change their direction, also without tools and without any remaining damage.

2. Compose surfaces

Compose the surface freely, with trays, boxes, lacquered or solid oak wood in many shapes and sizes. The colors can be chosen from a rich RAL design or standard color palette. Cover plates of different shapes and colors complement the esthetics of the surface.

3. Optimize and change

You can change your furniture and accessories composition again and again in minutes. Until you have found your optimum.If your need for space or your taste changes, then your furniture will follow this path. Do you want to try a different style or set a colorful accent? There are many possibilities in our sortiment. You only need additional parts and you do not exchange a complete piece of furniture.


In the media

We are pleased to have appeared with MBK12 in the latest issue of CUBE magazine Berlin. Those who do not get the Berlin edition in hand can also see us on the CUBE magazine website.

New York - ICFF

MBK12 is one of the selected manufacturers who were able to represent German design at the traveling exhibition “Handmade in Germany – Worldtour”. This time, the tour went to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair ICFF in Manhattan, right in the heart of New York.

Also in the office

Of course, we are particularly pleased when architects find what they are looking for, not just for their customers, but for their own offices. The nice thing is that one of our trolleys can be a bar trolley, collage trolley, serving trolley, etc., depending on how it is configurated. Or it serves just as an eye-catching decoration piece.

New products


See our new modular furniture, it is important to us to constantly enlarging our program

Direkt und ohne Umwege


We manufacture by hand for you on order. MBK12 can be designed in such a way that we would have to restrict many possibilities and variants through limited storage space by not producing in that way. We do not want that, because you should benefit from all the possible diversity.We offer our products on the Internet. By eliminating the dealer margin we can offer you better prices with high quality and best materials. It is crucial that our products are very elaborately designed and, so there is a base module of about sixty parts, which must all be put together. In addition, we would like to ensure that our highly individualized product provides you with qualified and intensive advice. That’s why we take it into our own hands.