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About Us

In January 2018, we presented MBK12 to the public for the first time at IMM in Cologne. The response was great in terms of the exhibits, the quality of workmanship, and the many possibilities that the system gives the user. It was also a lot of fun to see the visitors’ reactions when they understood how it is that the system works. Most of the time we had to show visitors how it works, but we also had many visitors who carefully raised a plate on a piece of furniture and understood that the surface can be freely designed at any point and not just once in the furniture shop or online configurator. This reaction was the most beautiful for us, especially when accompanied by an “Ohhh” or even a brief outcry. We also enjoyed the reactions that occurred when people realised that our boxes and plates, also look good as a wall decoration. These were moments that compensated for all the difficult moments during the multi-year design and development phase, because the development of the system was anything but easy. Hundreds of parts had to be matched. The whole concept is a novelty in the market and there is always a risk not to be able to prevail against long-established and less courageous concepts. But it was worth it. We have a system that gives the user almost unlimited

interior design freedom and allows unique furniture and accessory compositions. The system enables us to develop further system elements quickly and reliably. And that is exactly what we will do.
Everything we offer has been independently designed, developed and handcrafted. And with great attention to detail. We will never submit to the trend of inferior materials or average quality, because MBK12 was born out of a great love for furniture, accessories and interior design.

Yours truly

Markus Schroer